• Translate our modules and product pages into fr, es, it, de or nl and win a 30€ discount valid on all our products.
  • Each language translation wins a separate discount. 
  • Discounts can be combined into one if desired.
  • Discount coupons can't be sold.
  • Discount codes are assigned to customer accounts.

All candidates, please email to stating yor language slot and module.

Available translation needs:

Module or Service fr es it de nl
Ask for a Prestashop Service Quote          
Custom Price Text / Hide Price on Prestashop          
Customers / References / Suppliers / Brands / Manufacturers Responsive Slider          
Prestashop Affliate E-Commerce Analytics Module          
Prestashop Ajax Quick View and Product Slider          
Prestashop Audio MP3 Player          
Prestashop Audio Player Pro          
Prestashop Batch (Mass) Update - Product          
Prestashop Best Quote          
Prestashop Block Product Count          
Prestashop Combination Grid          
Prestashop Customer Group Specific Best Quote          
Prestashop Dynamic Area to Quantity Calculator on Product Tab          
Prestashop EU Cookie Law Notification Box          
Prestashop Extra or One-Time Only Order Fee Module          
Prestashop Facebook Comments Module          
Prestashop FlexSlider Responsive Image Slider Module          
Prestashop Funeral Services Quote          
Prestashop Job (Employment) Application Form          
Prestashop Manufacturer Specific Best Quote          
Prestashop MP3 Preview Module          
Prestashop Notification and Announcement Bar          
Prestashop Picasa Responsive Web Picture Gallery          
Prestashop Price & Order - Column Quote Form          
Prestashop Private CMS - Customer Group CMS Authorization          
Prestashop Product Custom Media Tab Module          
Prestashop Product Extra Info Tab Module          
Prestashop Product Redirection          
Prestashop Product Video Slider          
Prestashop Quick Stats - Visitor Counter          
Prestashop Report Broken Link Module          
Prestashop Responsive Homepage Layout          
Prestashop Responsive Homepage Layout 3 - Lingerie          
Prestashop Responsive Homepage Layout Module 2          
Prestashop Social Buttons          
Prestashop Social Buttons Pro          
Prestashop Strong Password          
Prestashop Surface (Area) / Volume Calculation Module          
Prestashop Twitter Timeline Module          
Prestashop Twitter Timeline Slider Pro Module          
Prestashop Unit Quantity Calculation and Conversion Module          
Prestashop We Call You Back Module          
Virtual Products with Combinations