Google Shopping Flux (Google Merchant Center) Module

Export your products to the Google Merchant Center, and make them available on the Google Shopping market place.

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Google Shopping Flux (Google Merchant Center) Module

Google Shopping Flux (Google Merchant Center) Module

Export your products to the Google Merchant Center, and make them available on the Google Shopping market place.

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This is a free module to let you export your products to the Google Merchant Center, and make them available on the Google Shopping market place. It's an evolution to the GoogleShopping module made by Jordi and accessible on the Prestashop Spanish forum. The tool had already been modified by other users.

This module lets you associate your shop categories to the Google Merchant Center ones. It exports price with and without reduction. You can also set a minimum price to filter products to export. You can associate some features value with categories (condition, availability, gender, age group). It offers the attributes combinations management. You can choose to export only one product or one product or each attributes combination. You can now select the currency (among the available ones) to export in the feed for each available language.

This is how the module works :

  • If your products already have a "condition" attribute set in prestashop, then you can indicate it in the module main page, by the way products are exported with your native product's condition value.
  • If your products have not any "condition" attribute, and Google asks for it, then you can set the value for this attribute in the module category's configuration form, then each product in this category is exported with this value.
  • If your product have no condition attribute, and its module category has no 'condition' value set, then product is exported with the condition value set for its parent category, and so on till the root category.
  • If all of your shop products belong to the same Google Shopping category, you can just set it for your root/home category, no need to set it for all of your categories. Children categories automatically get the same parameter. The module works the same way for the condition attribute, availability, gender and age_group attributes.
  • "Default" value means: "Use the product's attribute. If product have no condition attribute set, then use the category attribute value. And if it's not set, then use the first parent category's filled setting." ... Not really clear but should be helpful ?
  • In other words, If Google Merchant Center doesn't accept your products because the "condition" attribute is missing, then just set the value "new" to the condition attribute while editing your root category in the module configuration page. By the way all of your shop products are exported with the condition attribute set to "new". No need to change the "Default" value for each products category.

How to use this module?

  • Download and install the package on your Prestashop server.
  • At first, configure the default products category of your shop in the main module configuration page
  • Then set the parameters you need to activate
  • Link shop features in the main module configuration page (if needed)
  • Edit the main category (root or home) of your shop by clicking on it in the list
  • Link products attributes in the main category edit page
  • Then select the needed currencies to export with each available language
  • Test the feed import in Google Merchant Center
  • If ok, configure a cron task to automatically update the feed


  • Jordi Martin - Initial work - jmartin82
  • diMooz - Continue working - diMooz
  • Casper Olsen - Current maintainer - casper-o

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