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Add Extra or One-Time Only Fee Module
Add Extra or One-Time Only Fee Module

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Add Extra or One-Time Only Fee Module
  • Add Extra or One-Time Only Fee Module
  • Add Extra or One-Time Only Fee Module
  • Add Extra or One-Time Only Fee Module
  • Add Extra or One-Time Only Fee Module
  • Add Extra or One-Time Only Fee Module
  • Add Extra or One-Time Only Fee Module
  • Add Extra or One-Time Only Fee Module
  • Add Extra or One-Time Only Fee Module

Add Extra or One-Time Only Fee Module

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This module allows you to add extra fee or fees for products or orders.

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Prestashop Official Forum SupportFor some businesses, you may need to add one or more extra fees to be applied to an order especially if you are selling services or dimensioned products like carpet, curtain, tiles, etc. These fees should be applied only once regardless of or in regards to the quantity purchased by the customers.

Installation service, upgrade fee, update fee, yearly warranty fee, expertise fee, quoting service, disposal service can be counted as examples of those extras. Prestashop's native structure does not allow you to add such a fee, so this module interferes at this point.

With this module, you will be able to present optional/mandatory one-time charged services accompanying the order regardless of the quantity purchased.


  • Slim, simple and elegant design
  • One-time fee can be applied per order or per product.
  • Product: One-time (extra) fee description and fee amount can be entered from the product editing page. Multiple fees can be defined.
  • Order: Fee amount and the product(s) to be applied per order can be configured from the module's configuration page. The fee description can be modified from the fee product page (the fee is stored as a product)
  • Set of products or set of categories can be selected for the extra fee application rule
  • Product fees can be pre-selected
  • Product feescan be mandatory (unchangeable)
  • Product feescan be added per quantity (For each quantity added to the cart, the fee is multiplied by this quantity)
  • With the base quantity feature, each extra fee can be applied over a minimum quantity limit
  • Ability to enable/disable extra fee module for selected products
  • Each product can independently have different extra fees assigned
  • Ability to make the extra fee selection applet visible or invisible throughout the website. Meaning that the fee is applied mandatory without customer consent
  • Selected fee details are displayed in the sliding cart once they are added and are carried through all the order processes
  • Product fees can be deleted in the cart independent from products. But order fees cannot be deleted unless the related product in cart is removed from the cart.
  • Customers can check out the same product combinations with different extra fee settings in an order.
  • A validated order's extra fee details can be seen under the orders tab.
  • The module is compatible with all custom themes
  • The module has the mass CSV import/export functionality
  • Detailed readme file is available
  • Product attribute (combination) and extra fee linking: How does it work? If you select an attribute, the related fee is auto-selected and applied if that attribute is selected on the product page.

Change Log:

10/02/2023 v2.7.0

  • Prestashop 8 compatibility
  • Mandatory fees cannot be deleted from cart

17/01/2023 v2.6.4

  • The buttons can act like radio buttons now (optional)
  • Minor bug fix for the stores which don't use stock management

03/01/2023 v2.6.3

  • Minor bug fix on fee quantity availability

20/12/2022 v2.6.2

  • Fee amount is now auto-incremented upon a purchase
  • Minor bug fix on table creation of installation

08/12/2022 v2.6.1

  • Module infrastructure is modified substantially (if you will upgrade, uninstall and delete the older version first, then install this version)
  • Fee discount can be applied to customers now
  • Decimal characters length of the fees are now adjustable
  • Override translation bug is fixed
  • Fee description page access can be forbidden/allowed now
  • Cosmetic fixes on the backoffice module configuration

07/11/2022 v2.6.0

  • Module infrastructure is modified substantially (if you will upgrade, uninstall and delete the older version first, then install this version)
  • Extra fee is now added as a product attribute to the cart
  • Fee and fee related product amoumt can now be modified in cart
  • Extra fee per order can be added now
  • Order fee rule for a set of selected products is available
  • Order fee rule for a set of selected categories is available

09/02/2022 v2.5.12

  • 8 new translations added to the module
  • minor bug fix 

24/08/2021 v2.5.11

  • Security update (Delete.php and casting for sql injection)
  • Attribute and fee linking feature (NEW)
  • Backoffice cosmetic design improvement 

21/03/2021 v2.5.10

  • CSS fix for the Panda theme users on Prestashop 1.6

13/02/2021 v2.5.9

  • Minor bug fix
  • Tax excluded price display on decimal price issue is fixed
  • Override functionality is upgraded

19/12/2020 v2.5.7

  • Prestashop 1.7.7 compatibility
  • Extra fee per product quantity option is added

14/10/2020 v2.5.6

  • CSS fix on product page

02/10/2020 v2.5.5

  • Tax excluded and included price display is now possible.

09/09/2020 v2.5.4

  • Minor bug fix on tax display

16/05/2020 v2.5.3

  • Bug fix
  • Unchangeable fee option is added
  • Mass CSV import and export functionality
  • The fee select applet is replaced with multiple checkbox
  • Visual corrections in terms of design 

17/08/2019 v2.5.0

  • Prestashop 1.7.x compatibility
  • UX design changes

24/01/2016 v2.4.0

  • Code simplification
  • Base quantity capability

05/03/2015 v2.3.0

  • Debug and security fix

15/12/2014 v2.2

  • Debug and CSS fix
  • Complete infrastructure change to make a robust design
  • Security updates

27/09/2014 v1.2

  • Debug

03/09/2014 v1.1

  • Security updates
  • Prestashop 1.6 compatibility

02/10/2014 v1.0

  • Released

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Prestashop 1.5
Prestashop 1.6
Prestashop 1.7
Prestashop 8
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