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Funeral Services Quote Module
Funeral Services Quote Module

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Funeral Services Quote Module
  • Funeral Services Quote Module
  • Funeral Services Quote Module
  • Funeral Services Quote Module
  • Funeral Services Quote Module
  • Funeral Services Quote Module
  • Funeral Services Quote Module
  • Funeral Services Quote Module
  • Funeral Services Quote Module
  • Funeral Services Quote Module

Funeral Services Quote Module

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Provides an elegant quote form / side form for funeral services for the products you don't want to give online price.

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Prestashop Official Forum Support Features:

  • Automatic mail sending to both customer and seller;
  • Display module on every product page or only for products of your desire or on catalog mode;
  • Form fields are optional;
  • You decide which fields will be displayed;
  • Available fields Funeral Services General Information (Funeral Date, Cemetary Name, Cemetary Address, Tombstone Special Wishes), Tomb Details (Full Name, Born / Death Date, About Details), Contact Information (Name, Address, Town, Phone, Email) ;
  • Advanced BO configuration;
  • CAPTCHA protection;
  • Additional Facilities for logged in customers


Benefits for the e-merchant:

  • Attracts more customers
  • Lessens the possibility to lose a potential customer
  • You don't have to declare a price for the products you desire
  • You can put it on every product page and give the customers/wholesalers the opportunity to order in high volumes
  • Form fields are optional.
  • You choose which fields will be displayed.
  • Easy application and advanced back office configuration
  • Aesthetic and elegant fancy form and buttons.
  • Button content can be changed for the languages accordingly.
  • Compatible with latest PS versions
  • Ability to put custom HTML to product actions section
  • Customers come to you, rather than you go to them


Benefits for the customer:

  • Elasticity to get the best price possible
  • Online bargain possibility
  • Ordering in high volumes
  • Ability to establish the best contact with the seller for the product and price you look
  • In a way, assigning the sellers on behalf of you to find the best price possible


Special Notes for Installation:

  • No specific installation explanations. 
  • Be sure that you filled all required fields of the Back Office configuration before using the module. We recommend to disable the side form on product quote page. A duplicate fom display may not be good looking.
  • Hooks available for right and left columns, product footer and product actions

Technische Daten

Prestashop 1.4
Prestashop 1.5
Prestashop 1.6
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