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Music Store and MP3 Preview Module
Music Store and MP3 Preview Module

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Music Store and MP3 Preview Module
  • Music Store and MP3 Preview Module
  • Music Store and MP3 Preview Module
  • Music Store and MP3 Preview Module
  • Music Store and MP3 Preview Module
  • Music Store and MP3 Preview Module
  • Music Store and MP3 Preview Module
  • Music Store and MP3 Preview Module
  • Music Store and MP3 Preview Module

Music Store and MP3 Preview Module

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Auto-preview and sell mp3, CDs, albums and vinyl from your e-store easily. Create product audio descriptions. Mobile compatible.

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Prestashop Official Forum Support

  • Creation of an online music store easily
  • All-in-one configuration page
  • Mobile friendly (tested on mobile default browsers)
  • Responsive
  • Automatic Cropping and link masking (secure)
  • Ability to add separate tracks to the cart
  • Drag&Drop file upload, mp3 and flac file selection using combo box
  • File deletion capability from the backoffice
  • Optional display color schemes
  • Add mp3 and flac previews and custom info to product pages located on an extra tab. Different contents for each product.
  • Add mp3 and flac previews on category pages, can be different for each category.
  • Add mp3 and flac previews on product listing pages like New Products, Category Listings, Specials, Top Sellers and even for search results.
  • Adds mp3 and flac previews on homepage featured products.
  • Play music samples, welcome speeches, or product description different for each product. 
  • Colorize your online music store or if you have an ordinary online store, you can colorize your products with special voice supported product messages.
  • Sell albums and single tracks from one product page. If there is no preview file assigned, the tab hides itself automatically. So you can both sell virtual products and physical products on the same website.
  • Multiple players on a page. If one starts, the other stops automatically.
  • Easy maintenance of preview files. Ajax search and find feature on the configuraion page.
  • Upto 30 songs can be added to a product.
  • Mass import and mass export capability for the previews.
  • Number of previews can be limited on product listing and homepage to increase the page load performance.


The JPlayer is also customizable!!!
  • Import/export preview files with csv
  • Assign different music file or files to each virtual product
  • Player's functions, colors are fully customizable,
  • Mp3 and flac file or file lists can be played
  • Professionally designed Back Office Management
  • Color Scheme Options
  • Built-in color selection (picker) applet
  • Volume Control
  • Remaining Time
  • No info or ID3, or preferred info selection
  • Shuffle, Repeat option
  • Initial Volume
  • Number of preview display limit on product listing and homepage.
  • Opening another player closes any other players and pauses the download
  • Flac files can be sold and previewed, but can not be auto-cropped.
  • Positions can be chosen from the module's configuration page: 1. Under product thumbnails, 2. Under description 3. Under product tabs
  • Single track price display is optional and price tax display type can be chosen.
  • No special installation instruction is needed for the product page preview. Install, go the configure, adjust the player settings according to your desire, upload mp3 files, select product and enter the preview info as well as assigned mp3 file(s), save.
  • Homepage, product listing and category page previews are optional.

Change Log:

v2.9.1 (17.09.2023)

  • PHP compatibility
  • bug fix
  • Custom theme compatibility adjustments

v2.9.0 (14.02.2023)

  • Prestashop 8 compatibility

v2.8.2 (31.01.2022)

  • MP3 cut function bug fix

v2.8.0 (10.09.2020)

  • Performance upgrade on backoffice configuration tab.

v2.7.3 (03.08.2020)

  • Bug fix on multishop usage
  • MP3 list refreshing improvements

v2.7.2 (27.05.2020)

  • Auto-crop feature is improved.
  • Cropping with a start point and predetermined length is possible.
  • Readme file and insructions are improved.

v2.7.1 (25.04.2020)

  • Backoffice design is changed.
  • New hook is added
  • Product listing update bug is fixed.
  • Advanced search option is added
  • Mass CSV export/import function is added.
  • Database infrastructure is optimized.

v2.4.1 (05.07.2016)

  • File deletion applet is added.
  • The number of preview display on homepage and product listing pages.

v2.3.1 (26.05.2016)

  • Product page cropped mp3 listing function has been fixed.
  • MP3 cropping function has been improved.
  • Search page mp3 playing function is added.
  • Multilanguage path error is fixed.

v2.3.0 (10.09.2015)

  • CSV Import/Export

v2.2.0 (24.07.2015)

  • Bug fix
  • Prestashop 1.6.1 compatibility
  • Performance upgrade

V2.1 (30.09.2014)

  • Debug
  • Fix for friendly url

V2.0 (27.07.2014)

  • Responsiveness
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Prestashop 1.6 compatibility
  • Auto cropping feature of tracks
  • Jplayer integration
  • Performance upgrades
  • Ability to sell separate tracks in the playlist


  • One-page configuration has been provided
  • Drag&Drop upload function added
  • No manual code modification is needed anymore
  • File selection has been simplified
  • Limit of Mp3 per product has been increased to 20

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Prestashop 1.5
Prestashop 1.6
Prestashop 1.7
Prestashop 8
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