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Prestashop Module Development
Prestashop Module Development


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Prestashop Module Development
  • Prestashop Module Development

Prestashop Module Development

We have been developing affordable and custom Prestashop modules since 2007. Please let us know your requirement. 

Please go to the DOWNLOAD tab to get the module zip file

  Polityka bezpieczeństwa

Nie widzimy danych karty. Wieloetapowa autoryzacja, PSD2 UE.

  Polityka Zwrotów i Wsparcia

45 dni prawo zwrotu/pełny zwrot. Wsparcie dożywotnie, aktualizacje bezpieczeństwa i ulepszenia.

  Certyfikowany Sprzedawca Dodatków Prestashop

Jesteśmy Sprzedawcą Superbohaterem w Oficjalnym Sklepie Dodatków Prestashop od 2007 roku.

Some of Prestashop Module fields we have developed 

  • Homepage modules (slider, custom layout, snowflakes, etc.)
  • Galleries, sliders and carousels (YouTube, Vimeo sliders, etc.)
  • Product page modules (custom media tab, size chart, etc.)
  • Integration modules (HepsiBurada)
  • Product page size and dimension calculation modules
  • Custom brands, suppliers, manufacturers page modules
  • Back to top, scroll to bottom buttons
  • Custom pop-up
  • Customer group modules (auto assignment, restriction, etc.)
  • Security improvement modules (strong password, reCAPTCHA, account activation, etc.)
  • Tax related modules (Tax-exemption)
  • Testimonial modules
  • Quote modules
  • Virtual file management modules
  • Audio, MP3 and music store modules
  • Modules for Prestashop developers
  • Pricing modules (Custom price, hide price, ask for quote, we call you back, etc.)
  • Order management modules (One time only fee, extra fee)
  • Social media modules (Twitter timeline)
  • CMS modules (Private CMS)
  • Quick View modules
  • Notification, announcement, promotion, counter modules
  • Job posts and employment modules
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