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Quick View and Product Image Slider Module
Quick View and Product Image Slider Module

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Quick View and Product Image Slider Module
  • Quick View and Product Image Slider Module
  • Quick View and Product Image Slider Module
  • Quick View and Product Image Slider Module
  • Quick View and Product Image Slider Module
  • Quick View and Product Image Slider Module

Quick View and Product Image Slider Module

49,99 €

Displays quick view of products and product slider when you hover or click on the homepage/category product picture.

  • 250 car. máx
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The loading time of the Quick View is 3 times faster then the default "Quick View" feature of Prestashop 1.6 as it uses Ajax.

This module provides you to display a quick and easy view of a product sliders when a visitor hovers (comes over with mouse cursor) or click on a product picture on the homepage. Thumbnails are also available in vertical view.

Horizontal and vertical designs are available:

  • On the horizontal design, large dimensioned picture is displayed in a fancy box accompanying with an automatic slider, the product name and short description. The fancy box can also be closed with the help of a close button. 
  • On the vertical design, thumbnails and large dimensioned pictures are displayed in the fancybox right below the product name and short description. Pictures are displayed in an automatic slideshow.

On click or on hover triggerings are optional through the configuration menu.

Automatic slidehow in fancybox.

Product pictures, name and short description are displayed in the fancy box. Displaying the title, short description and status is optional.

This function works both on front page and on product listing pages like category, search, top sellers, specials, etc.

No need to click on a product link to see all pictures and description.

If you click on the picture in the fancy box, it redirects to the product page.

Highly suggested for fast navigation!!!



v.2.7.4 (22.09.2023)

  • Minor bug fix

v.2.7.3 (28.03.2023)

  • Hover view is prevented on product page

v.2.7.2 (19.02.2023)

  • Prestashop 8 compatibility

v.2.7 (19.03.2019)

  • Prestashop 1.7 compatibility
  • Bug fix

v2.5 (06.04.2016)

  • Slideshow is optional
  • Debug

v2.4 (26.07.2014)

  • Prestashop 1.6 compatibility
  • CSS fixes
  • Security patches
  • Performance upgrade
  • Slider functionality on all views

v2.3 (29/11/2013)

  • Automatic slideshow added to the vertical design
  • Security measures were strengthened
  • Multilanguage support added
  • Short description is now HTML driven

v2.2 (10/24/2013)

  • Horizontal fancybox design has been added.

v2.1 (09/23/2013)

  • Friendly URL bug has been fixed

v.2.0 (03/11/2013)

  • Display options have been added
  • Triggering options have been added

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Prestashop 1.4
Prestashop 1.5
Prestashop 1.6
Prestashop 1.7
Prestashop 8
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PrestaShop 1.4 PrestaShop 1.5 PrestaShop 1.6 PrestaShop 1.7 Prestashop 8 Thirtybees
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