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Hide Price or Custom Price Text Module
Hide Price or Custom Price Text Module

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Hide Price or Custom Price Text Module
  • Hide Price or Custom Price Text Module
  • Hide Price or Custom Price Text Module
  • Hide Price or Custom Price Text Module
  • Hide Price or Custom Price Text Module
  • Hide Price or Custom Price Text Module

Hide Price or Custom Price Text Module

49,99 €

With the help of this module, you can hide the prices and add to cart buttons for unregistered customers, for selected products or for selected countries.

  • 250 car. máx
A sua versão Prestashop: Prestashop 1.6.x.x
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You want to urge your visitors to be registered. Your shop is a private shop. You don't want other countries to see your pricing unless they sign-up.
This module is for you!
Or you are selling your products in cartoons, or in box, etc. and those order units consist specific surface in the total. If you make the per unit price calculation with a different price than you display to your customers, you can use this module.
With the help of this module, in all pages price is hidden and instead, a sign-in button or your custom text is displayed.
This adds a sign-in button or a custom text to the price placeholder instead of displaying the retail price.
Sign up reqirement is optional.
Country based restriction based on the ip address.
Customers may be urged to register.
The Add to Cart button and original price can be hidden.
Multilanguage fields
Mass import/export available
v1.5.3 (05.03.2023)
- Bug fix
- Geolocation API change for country restrictions
v1.5.3 (05.03.2023)
- Prestashop 8 compatibility
- Country ip detection api is modified
- License information updated
- Cosmetic improvements on the backoffice configuration page
v1.5.2 (20.04.2022)
- Minor bug fix
- Override structure is improved
v1.5.1 (08.02.2021)
- Minor bug fix on multilanguage fields
v1.5.0 (22.05.2020)
- New: Multilanguage field
- New: Mass CSV import/export
- Price hiding infrastructure is changed (no more javascript)
- Performance upgrade
- IP based price display restrictions
- Non-registered customer price display restrictions
- Selected products price placeholder change option
- HTML capability on price placeholder fields
- Detailed readme file is added

Ficha informativa

Prestashop 1.5
Prestashop 1.6
Prestashop 1.7
Prestashop 8
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Compatibilidade Compatibilidade
PrestaShop 1.5 PrestaShop 1.6 PrestaShop 1.7 Prestashop 8 Thirtybees
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