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Get rid of spam bot mails on Prestashop
Get rid of spam bot mails on Prestashop


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Get rid of spam bot mails on Prestashop
  • Get rid of spam bot mails on Prestashop

Get rid of spam bot mails on Prestashop

Prestashop announced a spamming issue on Apr. 25, 2019. Patches are released, recapcthas are used, but no way. If you need a permanent solution based on your case, contact us.

Please go to the DOWNLOAD tab to get the module zip file

  Polityka bezpieczeństwa

Nie widzimy danych karty. Wieloetapowa autoryzacja, PSD2 UE.

  Polityka Zwrotów i Wsparcia

45 dni prawo zwrotu/pełny zwrot. Wsparcie dożywotnie, aktualizacje bezpieczeństwa i ulepszenia.

  Certyfikowany Sprzedawca Dodatków Prestashop

Jesteśmy Sprzedawcą Superbohaterem w Oficjalnym Sklepie Dodatków Prestashop od 2007 roku.

Based on Prestashop's announcement on 16 March, 2018 and 25 April 2019, that there is spamming vulnerability on Prestashop websites. The announcements of Prestashop are below.

You have used reCAPTCHA, you applied patches, but no solution at all. This is because you need professional assistance based on your case. Spamming problems change site to site, several solutions should be tried out to find the right one.

If you think that you need professional assistance with the right precautions, please contact us.

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